AN alleged victim told how he 'tried to get away' from the abuse he claims to have suffered at the hands of a Weymouth councillor.

Ryan Hope is on trial at Bournemouth Crown Court charged with two counts of rape of a child under 13, one of which relates to multiple incidents, two counts of rape, one of which also relates to multiple incidents, two counts of sexual assault of a child under 13 and three counts of sexual assault.

Hope, 22, denies all of the charges which relate to a single victim who is now 18 and can not be named for legal reasons.

The allegations span a period between October 17, 2004 and early 2011.

The court heard that the alleged victim was 'worried' about speaking out because 'Ryan was going to become a councillor.'

During cross-examination, Mark Ruffell, defending, questioned the alleged victim about why he only told police about the allegations in January 2013.

He put it to the alleged victim this was because they were an 'invention.'

Mr Ruffell said: "You have never been assaulted by Ryan Hope."

To which the alleged victim replied: "I have been.

"I tried getting away from it, tried to hit him to try and stop him. I tried to get away."

Three further prosecution witnesses were called to give evidence before the court, one of which had described the alleged victim as 'a lying rat.'

The witness confirmed to the court that he had said in a statement: “I will not give evidence for someone who has been a lying rat for the past three years."

The jury heard this did not refer to the current allegations but was to do with separate issues over friends, money and other non-related personal matters.

Prosecuting, Mary Aspinall- Miles asked the same witness about the moment the alleged victim spoke of the allegations for the first time.

The witness said: "He had been acting strange for a day or so.

"He came and saw me. I was shocked.

"He told me Ryan touched him. He said it was in a sexual way. He said it happened a few times and that he had told him to stop."

When asked why he thought the alleged victim spoke out, the witness said: "He carried it for a while and thought the time was right."

The jury has heard that the victim told the police more detail, following his first interview with an officer, after seeing a report about the allegations in the Echo.

Mr Ruffell put to the victim that this was merely an attempt to 'embellish' his 'made up' account.

Mr Ruffell said: "You saw that newspaper report about a fine, upstanding local councillor and you thought you had better add a bit more to it."

He asked the alleged victim: "Were you jealous of Ryan Hope?

"Were you aware he has won national awards? Have you invented all of this just to bring him down?"

The alleged victim answered 'no' to all questions.

The trial continues on Thursday.