‘JUST do it’ – that’s the message to anyone thinking of taking on a triathlon challenge.

One hundred people took on the challenge of a triathlon at Bovington Army camp last week when BustinSkin Events hosted the Royal Armoured Corp St George’s triathlon.

The men and women, including those from the Army and BustinSkin triathlon members, pounded the terrain of Bovington during the 5km run, 22km bike ride and 300-metre pool swim.

The event is part of the national rankings listing for the Army and gives the men and women a chance to try out a triathlon at their local base.

Mark Steen, the managing director of BustinSkin, said: “It was an amazing event – really good.”

He added that the atmosphere at the event had been great with plenty of banter between the Army competitors.

He said: “There’s a great camaraderie about it – everyone supporting each other. You are racing against yourself and the clock. Everyone starts at different times.”

Mr Steen said marathons and triathlons have become more popular in the last 10 years or so and everyone, young and old, were taking part.

Training for an event like a triathlon gave people not just physical fitness, Mr Steen said, it gave people the chance to improve and gave them confidence in themselves as well.

He said: “It’s human nature to do something that extreme and push yourself to the limit.”

On Sunday, BustinSkin organised the Osprey Sprint triathlon based at Osprey Quay Leisure Centre on Portland.

Triathletes had to do a 300-metre pool swim, followed by a 17km bike ride and a 5km run.

More than 200 people took part, from complete beginners to elite triathletes.

Mr Steen said: “The atmosphere was electric.”

For anyone thinking about taking up the challenge for a triathlon, Mr Steen said: “Just do it. Stop thinking about other people doing it and how difficult it is and get in and enjoy the atmosphere.”

BustinSkin thanked Osprey Quay leisure centre, Wey-mouth and Portland Borough Council and all their sponsors, including Dude Shoes, Salt Engineering and Red Fern Solicitors.

To find out more about local events, visit bustinskin.com.