A TRADITIONAL summer custom will be marked tomorrow.

Upwey’s annual well dressing will take place at 12pm on Saturday. The theme this year is the importance of bees and the conservation of wildflower meadows.

The well dressing is currently being made at The Old School Village Hall next to Upwey Wishing Well. Working on boards covered with clay, a group of willing volunteers are creating a picture using natural materials such as leaves, twigs, flowers, and fleece.

On Saturday, the tableau will be processed with great ceremony to stand under the arches at the Wishing Well. The Frome Valley Morris will lead the way and finish with a dance around the well itself.

The decorating of springs and wells is an ancient custom to celebrate of the supply of pure water. The spring at Upwey is the largest in the south of England and well dressing was introduced there in 1986. Since then the local community has got together each year to produce striking images ranging through historical, literary, wildlife and art subjects all in aid of local charities.

The Upwey well dressing can be seen in the Wishing Well Water Gardens throughout the whole of May.