A TELEVISION expert is joining forces with a Dorchester hospital to give the town a health kick.

Health and wellbeing expert Jessie Pavelka, star of Sky’s Fat: The Fight for My Life and Obese: A Year to Save My Life, is working with BMI The Winterbourne Hospital.

They aim to encourage people with sedentary lifestyles to get inspired, motivated and healthy by exercising during the working day.

Jessie said: “Within office hours, we commit ourselves to work.

“I’m working with physiotherapists and what we’re trying to do with Workout @ Work is raise awareness, allowing people to find those little pockets of time and get in 10 minutes of exercise, whether it be cardio-vascular, a body weight resistance routine or some stretching.”

He added that people missed a trick by not exercising at work.

Jessie said: “When you look at our lifestyles now, everything is go, go, go.

“We try to take care of ourselves but by the end of the working day we are exhausted and lack the energy.

“So you have to be creative and come up with a plan.

“Most of us spend so much time in the workplace it’s a great opportunity to integrate these exercises into your life.”

The team have come up with a series of simple workouts people can fit into their days.

Jessie, who has helped transform the lives of people in front of the camera, said the key to switching to a healthy lifestyle was perseverance.

He said: “Change doesn’t happen overnight, and switching habits is uncomfortable.

“Wake up every day and acknowledge that you have to commit to these changes.

“You have to take each choice and decision as it comes and reward yourself with something healthy – and if you do things wrong, don’t beat yourself up.

“You have another meal coming up, so if you eat a bad lunch, don’t eat a bad dinner.

“Understand food isn’t something to be afraid of, but to enjoy.”

For more information, visit bmihealthcare.co.uk/workoutatwork