TWITCHERS are being urged not to intervene if they see young birds on the ground this spring.

The RSPB receives lots of calls from well-meaning members of the public about baby birds they believe to be helpless.

But it is warning that before baby birds fly, they leave their nests and spend a couple of days on the ground under the watchful eye of their parents.

Morwenna Griffiths of the RSPB said: “The fledglings will appear fully feathered and spend these days hopping around your garden in broad daylight – hence why so many members of the public are convinced they need rescuing.

“Another common fear is that the fledgling has been deserted by its parents. However, fledglings are extremely unlikely to be abandoned.

“They are probably off gathering food or more likely hiding nearby with a beady eye on their young, waiting for you to back away.

“Parents know best and are more than capable of looking after their own.

The RSPB advises the public only intervene if the bird is in immediate danger, has suffered an injury or has no feathers or is still covered in its fluffy ‘nestling’ down. In these circumstances call 0300 1234 999