Visitors were hoping to be happy with their lot as nearly 250 people showcased their antiques in front of experts and the cameras for popular auction show Flog It! at Lulworth Castle.

Audience members packed themselves into the castle’s vaulted rooms to have their heirlooms examined amongst the chaos of cameras, crew members and studio equipment in the building.

See a video of the event here

The mood was light-hearted and jokes from presenter Paul Martin lifted spirits for those waiting to find out if their treasured mementos were in fact hidden gems.

Carol Donaghy, 60, from Broadmayne, was surprised by the value of her silver cruet set when she sat down to be filmed with expert Mark Stacey, and says members of her family will think it’s brilliant that she is part of the show because they are big fans.

She said: “I bought the cruet set at auction in a five-item lot for £2 a few years ago because I wanted the china Buddha that was with it to give to my daughter, who was travelling to China soon after.

“The cruet set is very pretty but completely useless in my house, so I keep it on the side and pick it up to admire it every so often. I was really happy to know it has been valued at between £80 and £120.”

Stefan Tyszkiewicz, 64, travelled from Wimborne to showcase his great grandfather’s Burmese sword believed to have been used in the final Burma campaign.

He said: “My wife doesn’t like swords so it’s just been in a drawer in the house but I’ve got no idea if it’s worth anything as over the years it’s ended up in quite a poor state. It would be nice to find out more about its history and value.”

Flog It! series editor Heidi Ellert, said: “Lulworth has an amazing history and the location makes it so much more than just another venue. With all locations it’s a challenge to fit everyone into the building so it’s great to be able to film here.”

Liz Seabrook, 79, from Poole, brought a late 19th century eggshell china set she inherited from Scottish ancestors. She said: “The atmosphere today has been superb and it was interesting to see how the show is set up and watch the action.

“It’s my first time visiting the set and I love watching the show so it’s been a great experience. I expect all the extra tourism will be good for the local economy too.”