The Osmington Annual Parish Meeting on Saturday 10th May began with a display of Village Organisations and Societies. Doors opened at 4pm and residents came to look at what had been happening over the past 12 months and to have the opportunity to seek information and join up with a club. Delicious cakes topped with pictures of the Osmington White Horse and St Osmunds Church were served with tea. A popular stand was the one giving the details of the updating of the now out of print booklet, Memories of a Dorset Village. Sally Little and Michael Seall were able to gain some valuable information and stories from villagers about their life in the village in past times. Work will continue on this book and interviews with those who want to give their stories are being arranged. It is hoped that a bigger and more detailed edition will evolve and be ready for publication later next year. Information can on how you can add to the tales can be found on