A NEW support group has been set up to help small and medium sized businesses utilise superfast broadband.

Superfast Business is hosting a series of fully-funded events for the region’s businesses, to showcase and demystify how new technologies can transform the way they do business, giving them a competitive edge, greater flexibility and potential for growth.

The first event will be held on Thursday, May 22 at Highlands End Holiday Park in Bridport.

The second event will be held at Peartree Business Centre on June 12 and the third will be held at The Hub in Verwood on July 9.

All of these events will be held between 9.30am and midday.

Liz Wright from Superfast Business commented: “The roll out of superfast broadband is enabling businesses in rural areas of Dorset, that have traditionally had a raw deal in terms of connectivity, to take advantage of the new opportunities that better technologies present.

“The Superfast Business service is all about helping small and medium sized businesses to identify the right opportunities for them to implement new technology with ease, enabling them to operate more competitively, manage costs more effectively and grow more quickly.

“Through the Superfast Business service, businesses across rural Dorset are discovering they can now compete on a level playing field with their city based counterparts countrywide and globally.”

For more information visit superfastbusiness.co.uk/events