STAFF at Dorset County Hospital joined in a worldwide celebration of nursing.

The Dorchester hospital held a vintage tea party to mark International Nurses Day.

The event had an international theme with a cake bearing flags from around the world and a giant map with photos of hospital staff from around the world.

Nurse and clinical lead for IT at the hospital Ann Little was one of the main organisers of the event. She said: “We should celebrate being nurses every day because it’s such a fabulous job but this is the one day where every nurse in the world celebrates Nurses Day.”

Nurse Little said it was great to see all the other staff in the hospital showing their support for the day and it felt ‘good to be appreciated’.

Chief executive of the hospital Jean O’Callaghan said it was important to recognise the vital contribution nurses made to the hospital. She added: “It’s a very small token of appreciation to our nursing staff for all the hard work and commitment they put into delivering good care to patients at the hospital.”