SOUTH West Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson paid a visit to Dorset ahead of tomorrow’s election.

He spent time yesterday in the county talking to voters. 

Sir Graham, who has already visited Bridport, Sherborne and Dorchester during the course of his campaign, was accompanied by a camera crew covering EU elections in the South West.

Graham spearheaded the campaign to introduce the European Arrest Warrant which has helped bring terrorists and criminals to justice by giving them nowhere to hide,

He has also backed the recent successful campaign to abolish roaming charges for mobile phones.

In Bridport, Sir Graham visited the award winning Leaker's Bakery.

He spent time there discussing the impact of increased Chinese consumption of dairy products on West Country pricing and its impact on local businesses.

Graham and West Dorset Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Ros Kayes spoke to voters in Dorchester town centre about their concerns over the EU but also their wish to remain within it.

Ros Kayes, who is a Dorset county, district and town councillor, said: “Most people want to see some kind of reform, and I think they are right to do so.

“But the majority of those we spoke to when Graham last visited Dorchester are really concerned about the prospect of leaving the EU in some sort of panic, and the impact this would have on British jobs and businesses.

“A panic exit will not protect British jobs.

“European funding has done so much for this region.

“We need to keep MEPs that work for us in Europe, and not elect those from UKIP who have a record of who only attending once a year to pick up their allowances.”