This week’s warm weather seems to have got everybody out and about enjoying the sun while it lasts.

Borough Gardens has been busy with families enjoying the park’s excellent facilities.

There has been some minor anti-social behaviour in the park over the weekend but generally everyone has been enjoying themselves responsibly.

The park also saw about 300 people who met and then walked through parts of the town demonstrating against the badger cull and promoting inoculation.

I am pleased that the event passed without incident and that the impact on the wider community was minimal.

There have been a few commercial burglaries over the weekend in particular.

Diesel is still being taken from commercial vehicles.

Vehicles being targeted this week included those owned by Wessex Water.

A showroom premises on the Railway Triangle Industrial Estate was also targeted and suspects smashed a glass panel sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

It appears as though some cash has been taken from the till. If anyone saw anything suspicious call us on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

The financial and performance year for police forces started last month and Dorchester section did see reductions in some key crime areas. These included residential burglary offences.

There has been a rise in the number of assaults and as the town continues to grow this will be a key challenge for us.

The number of new licensed premises attract visitors from all over the county and it is great to see so many people enjoying the new facilities.

My job is to ensure that they and you continue to feel safe and be safe.

The number of assaults is still small and there is no apparent connection to any premises or area of town at this time.

Have a safe week.