A SUPERMARKET chain has confirmed it has stopped buying Dorset shellfish following the detection of traces of poison. 

As reported in today’s Echo, traces of Amnesic Shellfish Poison (ASP) toxin has been found to affect scallops and mussels and Portland Harbour has been issued with a closure notice for the harvesting of filter feeding molluscs.

The closure does not include The Fleet oyster beds.

Fish merchant Samways of Bridport told the Echo it has lost business due to the scare because a major supermarket chain had put a stop on orders.

Sainsbury’s has now confirmed it is the supermarket involved.

A spokesman said: "Routine checks suggest a possible issue with sea water in the area, so we’ve stopped sourcing from this supplier as a precaution."

The company has not confirmed the length of time it will stop purchasing the shellfish but said it will ‘monitor the situation.’

Fishermen have told the Echo that levels of ASP in the fish are 'low' and every single batch is being tested by merchants before being sold. 

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