MAYOR-ELECT Tim Munro has lost his chance of becoming Portland's first citizen after a new vote was taken at a meeting last night.

Town councillors were asked if they had any other nominations for the role of mayor and Cllr Munro, Cllr Rod Wild and Cllr Rob Hughes were all proposed. But it was Cllr Hughes who got the most votes.

His deputy will be Cllr Wild.

The mayor-making ceremony was due to take place last week but it was cancelled amid chaotic scenes.

Residents protested Cllr Munro's nomination outside last week's meeting. Mayor Les Ames told the council he would be deferring the meeting due to a 'serious difference of opinion,' regarding the nomination.

There were similar protests before last evening's meeting with people standing outside the venue in Fortuneswell holding placards reading 'No Tim Munro for Mayor'.

Cllr Munro became unpopular after he led the island precept increase which provoked a major revolt.

Before the meeting, protestor Sue Lees from the Voice of Portland residents' group said: “We don't want him as mayor.”

Les Ames stepped down from the office of mayor and received a standing ovation and cheers in tribute to all his good work.

Cllr Ames said the island was very important to him and was a wonderful place to live.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Ames added that today would be his last day as a councillor as he would be retiring.

Cllr Hughes thanked the councillors and members of the public and said his chosen charities would be the NCI Coastwatch and Dorset Air Ambulance.

After the meeting, Cllr Munro said he was not upset and said he had no issue with the decision.

He said that the whole situation had got a lot of people involved in the town council that perhaps otherwise wouldn't have been there.