JELLYFISH have been spotted all around the Dorset coast in recent weeks- and Weymouth Sea Life will hold a Jellyfish Awareness Day tomorrow to celebrate the creatures.

A barrel jellyfish was even spotted by Sea Life worker Nathan Rodd from the top of the Sea Life Tower.

To celebrate all things jellfish, the park will hold an awareness event tomorrow. 

A spokesman said: “In light of the recent reports of barrel Jellyfish which have been spotted in and around Weymouth and Portland, even from the top of the Weymouth Tower.

“Weymouth Sea Life is launching ‘Jellyfish Awareness Day’ tomorrow during Turtle Fest to educate guests about these magnificent creatures.

“With so many jellyfish being washed towards the south coast, it could attract new visitors to the area including certain types of sea turtles such as leatherhead and loggerhead turtles.

“Sea Life love jellyfish and has launched a breeding programme to find out more about these complicated and mysterious creatures.

"It has been a great start to the year for jellyfish breeding in the Displays Development Department based at Weymouth Sea Life, with two new species being bred over the last few months.”