WORKERS in Weymouth have been busy cycling, running and swimming to Africa.

Medisave employees are taking on a charity challenge for the Boo Charity, which helps impoverished children.

They are using different methods to collectively travel the equivalent distance from Weymouth to Africa.

Medisave’s Sarah Denton said: “The distance by Google is 1611.9 miles.

“That is from the DT3 5FA postcode to the continent of Africa.

“That is a route worked out by road but has to include 31.4 miles in water crossings.

“In order to do this we have suggested that the methods of travel could include cycling, running, walking, swimming, rowing and kayaking.”

The team has set themselves the challenge of completing the mammoth distance within 28 days.

Sarah added: “To put this into perspective if a cyclist was to accept a quota of 250 miles to complete then it would mean cycling 8.93 miles every day, for 28 days.

“I have tested feasibility for this challenge by cycling 85 miles in one week.

“I can assure you it is not an easy task.

“You would need to cycle just under 18 miles every other day to complete this.”

The team has a target to raise £1,000 for the charity but would like to get £1611.90- that’s £1 for every mile from Weymouth to Africa.

The Boo Charity was set up in memory of Sarah Hicks, known as Boo to her friends, who died from cancer in 2002 aged 36.

Sarah helped disadvantaged Kenyan children until her death.

The charity has helped provide a future for hundreds of children since its creation.

The money raised by Medisave will be sent to Vision Africa, which builds schools and shelter as well as providing essentials for children in need.

To donate to the challenge, visit