A WEYMOUTH shop owner will continue decorating a shopping street with flags in a bid to welcome tourists.

Suzanne Fry, owner of The Hair Boutique in St Alban Street, has decorated the street with international flags.

The flags are put up as part of a street tradition, made famous by ‘The Flag Man’ Pat Silverton.

Suzanne took over the responsibility last year after Pat passed away at the age of 64 following an illness.

Last Christmas the flags were replaced by fairy lights to add festive spirit to the area.

Suzanne, along with 26 other store owners, raised £1,300 to help purchase and install the lights. Weymouth BID also supported the move, agreeing to add £500 towards the total.

Whilst the lights were well-received by the majority of people, vandals struck and took some of them down.

Suzanne said: “They were vandalised. Somebody went around with pliers and cut them. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to give it another go.”

This year Suzanne is targeting visitors arriving on cruise liners.

Suzanne said: “I’ve done European flags. With the cruise liners coming in, we’ve had lots of people taking photographs. It’s nice to come from another country and see your flag flying.”

A new cruise liner arrived into Dorset earlier this week. The Aida Stella was on a 14-day voyage around Western Europe.

She arrived into Portland Port on Wednesday and left later that evening heading for Spain.

Suzanne added: “All I’m trying to do is something to keep the street looking good.”

Nigel Reed, manager of the Weymouth BID, commended Suzanne’s contribution.

He said: “I think she’s done a grand job. People don’t appreciate people that take this on board.

“What’s wonderful is that she’s made them into flags from all over the world.

“It’s a good thing they’ve done in St Alban Street. It’s what high streets need to do. People need to think together.”