WITH a history that stretches back thousands of years, it is little wonder West Dorset has its fair share of famous ghost stories.

So here are some of the more unusual you may not have heard of. One's thing for certain though- they will send a shiver down your spine....

Have you spotted any of these? Or do you have your own West Dorset ghost story? Let us know in the comments

The Horrid Old Woman of Weymouth Promenade

It's said that a nasty old lady who 'reeks of death' sits on a corner seat along the promenade.

Only visible to a few, it is said one witnesses' fianceé sat in the exact spot he'd seen her and died of a heart attack.

The Shadowy Man of Bincombe Tunnel 

The train line from Weymouth to Dorchester cuts through the hills in a tunnel at Bincombe. Train drivers have reported hitting a shadowy figure while passing through the tunnel. Police investigated after one reported incident in 1991 but could find signs of an accident. It is said the tunnel is haunted by a man with a 'stumbling tread and bowed head'

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The angry vicar of St Peter's Church

It is said that the ghost appeared at St Peter's Church, Dorchester on Christmas Eve 1814- just a few months after the death of popular vicar Nathaniel Templeman.

The new vicar had left the task of decorating the church for Christmas Day to the sexton and warden. After many hours of hard work, the pair decided to have some communion wine and sat down on a pew to enjoy.

But as they did, the ghost of Rev Templeman stormed towards them in a rage.

Such was the shock that the warden fainted. The ghost of Templeman is said to have returned several times since- and he's always angry.

Lawrence of Arabia?

Before South Street in Dorchester was pedestrianised, the entrance to Antelope Walk was the frontage of a coaching inn.


It was reportedly where some of the trials for those who took part in the Monmouth Rebellion took place.

It was also reportedly a frequent haunt of Lawrence of Arabia. And after his death, he is said to have haunted the inn in the literal sense.

Patrons would report a motorcycle figure which would appear by the fireplace.

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The man in the yellow smoking jacket

A man dressed in a yellow smoking jacket, said to be Captain Albert Codd, has been seen many times in the Bridport Museum.

Staff also named another ghostly figure 'Gladys'. She was thought to be associated with a Victorian dress on display at the museum.

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