BRIDPORT Carnival is to going to have a full complement of royalty this year with a queen, princess and prince.

The crowns will be bestowed on the winners of the Bridport News-sponsored ‘Bridport Carnival’s Got Talent’-style competition in The Conservative Club in North Street.

The Carnival Queen will be chosen from youngsters aged from 11 to 16, princess from the seven to 10 years age group and the prince from the same.

Carnival attendants will be the 11 to 16-year-old chosen from the queen’s class.

Entrants must be within the age range on the day of the contest.

Contenders can perform any act, whether it is singing, dancing, juggling or even reciting a poem, reading a work of literature, or displaying an amazing feat of memory, skill or entertainment.

Independent judges will pick an overall winner as Bridport Carnival Queen, princess, attendants and a prince.

The winners will be crowned in the afternoon. The entourage will lead the grand procession on Carnival day Saturday, August 16 and the torchlight procession to West Bay on Sunday, August 17 before a giant fireworks display.

There will also be the fun events to attend in the lead-up to the carnival weekend including a quiz night, bingo and darts night.

Last year, judges crowned Chloe-Amber Cash, then aged 13, Carnival Queen. She won with her rendition of the Tears for Fears song Mad World.

Her attendants were Sarah Williams, who sang Crazier by Taylor Swift and Daniella Scadding, who accompanied herself on the guitar singing Dear Darlin’ by Olly Murs.

Aiden Cooper, 11, gave a martial arts display to win his place as a prince in the carnival parade.

This year’s event will take place next month on a date to be announced.