ELECTRICAL problems between Wool and Wareham caused delays between Weymouth and Bournemouth.

This weekend saw 14 hours of disruption to journey’s over Saturday night as South West Trains experienced electrical supply and signalling issues between Wool and Wareham. This added up to 12 minutes on to journey times between Weymouth and Wareham as all trains had to run at reduced speeds.

The trains were running normally by 5am on Sunday.

South West Trains issued a statement on Saturday afternoon, apologising to their customers for the delays. It said: “A signalling problem between Wool and Wareham means that trains are being delayed. They are running at a slower speed than normal and also have to stop at two signals until the problem is rectified. In addition, trains will also travel at a slower speed over the level crossings between these stations.

“We are sorry for any extra time added to your journey today.”