DORSET Police are reminding motorists to ensure they are fit to drive the morning after drinking.

The force launched its summer drink and drug drive campaign on June 1 with a series of stop checks, specifically targeting those drivers who may still be over the limit the next day.

The campaign usually runs until the end of June but this year it has been extended to coincide with late opening hours in bars and pubs showing the FIFA World Cup matches.

Sergeant Nikki Burt, from Dorset Police’s Traffic Unit, said: "We don’t want to stop people having a good time but we will do everything we can to make Dorset’s roads safer for everyone using them.

“The morning after can be just as dangerous as the night before so if you have been drinking into the night, there is a strong chance that you may not be fit to drive the morning after, and no amount of cold showers or black coffee will change that.

“Drivers need to be aware that regardless of the time of day they are caught, they will face the same penalties as someone who has chosen to drink heavily in a pub and driven at night.

“We urge all motorists the next morning to ask themselves: am I fit to drive? If the answer is no, then it is simply not worth the risk.”

Anyone caught drink driving will face a minimum 12-month driving ban, a criminal record, up to six months in prison and a fine of up to £5,000.

Anyone charged with a drink or drug driving-related offence during the campaign will have their name and court appearance details released to the media. Custody images of those convicted could also be released to the media.

Sergeant Nikki Burt continued: “We are calling on members of the public to call 999 immediately if they suspect someone of drink driving so we can intercept. Non-urgent information can be reported on 101.”