A RESIDENT from a Dorset village has launched a fundraising drive to help restore part of the ‘national heritage’ of the county.

Peter Jones, from Sutton Poyntz, has created the Greenhill Fingerpost Project to raise money to restore the dilapidated signpost on the junction of Coombe Valley Road and Plaisters Lane.

Mr Jones said: “Throughout Dorset we have fingerposts which are part of our national heritage but they have been decimated.

“I looked at the Coombe Valley one which has been vandalised and left in that state for a long time and it annoyed me.”

“This fingerpost has been a target for yobs and vandals.

“It is now a blot on the landscape, which is not how it should be.

“The county’s authorities have no money to do this so now a lot of communities are getting round to tackling this problem.”

Once the sign is restored to its former glory, it will become part of the Dorset County Council’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty project.

Mr Jones has already secured £600 worth of funding but now needs another £284 to fully finance the restoration.

As part of the work the new arms will be made of hardwood and the 116 letters and numbers on the posts will be made of alloy metal.

Mr Jones said he had taken steps when he was planning the restoration to try and ensure the post would not be vandalised in the future.

He added: “The main thing is vandalism.

“I am worried about it happening again but this signpost will be a lot stronger than previous ones, and I will also coat it with smart water, so that if someone does vandalise it they will be readily identifiable to the authorities because the water will show up under UV light.”

“I am not asking for money now, but pledges. If people wanted to sponsor a number or sponsor a letter than that would be fine.

“The nub of it is our history is disappearing and we should be doing something about it.”

For more information on the campaign or to pledge money, contact Mr Jones on 01305 833288 or email pjoneshamp@aol.com