A CARAVAN cocktail booth and a hillbilly barn dancing squad are among the new additions for this year’s Camp Bestival.

The festival at Lulworth Castle is in its seventh year and is still finding new ways to entertain the crowds enjoying the event.

Organisers have announced that Caravanserai will be among the new attractions at the event this summer when the festival rolls around on July 31. The convoy of English and French artists, gypsies and beatniks will be setting up a camp for weary travellers to rest and recharge while enjoying a tipple from its amazing cocktail bar.

Festival goers will also be able to explore their bric-a-brac camp built from old vehicles, curiosities and objects d’art.

Another arrival at Camp Bestival will be the Travelling Barn hosted by anarchic hillbilly barn dancing squad Cut A Shine. The barn will offer racks of local real ale, acoustic acts in the daytime and hoedowns in the evening.

The festival will also be showing its wild side with another new addition.

Project Wild Thing will see a village tipi set up at the entrance to the Dingly Dell, which will offer listening sports in the woods, creative nature writing sessions, wild storytelling, an un-nature trail, creature mask making, bird spotting and shadow drawing.

Organisers have also announced the return of an old favourite to Camp Bestival with Pig’s Big Ballroom back this year, dedicated to the memory of John Peel.

Festival organiser Rob da Bank said: “Our new venues are causing the family and I a huge wardrobe dilemma. We’ll want camouflage face paint and explorer gear for the Dingly Dell with Project Wild Thing, cowboy boots and chaps for the hoedowns in the Travelling Barn, dancing shoes and circle skirts to swing along to Greg’s Greats in Pig’s Big Ballroom and circus outfits to explore Caravanserai.”

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