A MAN aiming to walk along Britain’s coastline has praised Weymouth residents’ generosity after passing through the town.

Lee ‘Mad Dog’ Madden, 42, from High Wycombe, Bucking-hamshire, stopped off at Weymouth and Portland between Monday and Thursday.

Lee’s raising money on behalf of Cancer Research UK and has walked 320 miles since starting his journey from Portsmouth. He was inspired to take up the challenge after having a dream where he was told to undertake charity work.

Lee said: “A lot of my family and friends have died from cancer or have cancer.

“I just decided after the dream to pack a rucksack and leave and I’ve been walking since on a budget of a pound.”

During his stay, Lee received offers of free accommodation at the Arcadia Guest House and Molyneux Guesthouse.

It gave Lee his first opportunity to take his rucksack off after three weeks. He sleeps outside in a sleeping bag, donated to him by Tesco, when he’s unable to find accommodation.

Chic Hair and Beauty, in Weymouth, also provided Lee with a free body wax as part of his fundraising efforts.

Lee said: “I was expecting it to be really painful. It didn’t hurt one bit.”

Lee said he has received offers of food and drink as part of his stay after people have become aware of his challenge.

He said: “I go into a pub and ask for a glass of water. Nine times out of 10 they ask if I’d like something to eat.”

When asked what these contributions meant to him, Lee said: “In a way it’s worth more than donations.”

He later added: “I’ve fallen in love with the place.”

Lee is not planning to take any form of transport throughout the challenge – even whilst stopping off in towns and cities.

He’ll be documenting his journey with photos via his Twitter account – @MadDoggWalking - and plans to arrive in Bridport later today, where he’ll pick up Cancer Research UK tins .

If you would like to donate to Lee’s JustGiving page, please visit justgiving.com/maddoggwalks