A COUNCILLOR facing disciplinary action after being found guilty of abusive behaviour says he just wants to matter put to rest.

Portland Town Council will decide how to sanction Richard Denton-White after an investigation found him to have breached its Code of Conduct.

As reported in the Echo, Weymouth and Portland Bor-ough Council’s monitoring officer looked in to matters following complaints regarding the councillor’s behaviour during and after a meeting in January.

Cllr Denton-White says he has apologised publically three times for the incident and wants the public to know he is not an aggressive person.

He admitted telling one audience member to ‘shut it’ and said the man ‘was making physical threats and running his finger across his throat’ at the meeting which discussed raising the isle’s council precept.

Cllr Denton-White said: “The whole thing has just blown out of all proportion.

“I admit that it was inappropriate of me (to make some of the comments admitted to).

“But I don’t think a councillor or public servant should have to put up with blatant physical threats.

“If someone is aggressive it doesn’t matter whether it’s to a councillor or members of the public – people have no right to abuse councillors.

“All I was doing was reacting to a threat.”

Cllr Denton-White will remain a councillor but could be suspended from representing the council on other bodies or from being on sub-committees.

But he said he is looking forward to moving on once the matter is resolved at a council meeting in July.

He added: “This all happened almost six months ago. I have apologised, including in a formal letter in the Echo and publically at a council meeting.

“The fact it happened in a church is neither here nor there; I admit that it was inappropriate.”

He said he is doing his best for the people of Portland and is part of the finances and resources committee to try and get the best for the Isle.

He added: “I do my job, don’t get paid a penny in expenses – I work hard on behalf of Portland and the community therein.”