We would all love to be a tip top chef in the kitchen but some of us really only know very basic information about making and preparing food. On June 13 from 11am until 1pm, there will be a buffet and cookery demonstration held at St. Edmonds Hall, Lanehouse. There will then be the chance to attend five cookery workshops where you can sample three different meals from one chicken, home made apple cake and some of the other delicious dishes you can make in the workshops.

You can also just come along and have a coffee, snacks and see what it is all about. The five workshops cover basic cooking skills, menu planning, budgeting, using leftovers and offer a food safety certificate which helps to get a catering job. Learn to cook curries from scratch, make your own pastry, pies and quiches, try delicious and cheap vegetarian recipes. We also explain what is safe to eat.


For any further enquires, please contact Tony Gibbons on 01308 868700 or email tony.gibbons01@sky.com