IT’S not everyday that you walk along a Weymouth Beach and stumble across a giant jellyfish.

Kate Chard told the Echo that over the past few days more and more barrel jellyfish have been washing ashore at Pirate’s Cove in Wyke Regis.

But she says the one pictured is the biggest she’s seen so far, measuring three feet.

Dozens of them have appeared along the Dorset coast due to the spring tides and windy weather.

The 42-year-old Wyke Regis resident said: “This was definitely the biggest one I’ve seen. It was almost three feet in length.

“I spotted another seven there the day after.”

The sightings are relatively rare in coastal areas.

They have been reported in waters off Dorset and washed up on beaches.

Kate was on her daily walk with dogs Hector and Maisie when she came across the massive jellyfish.