thieves steal bikes from two brothers A PAIR of Dorchester schoolchildren have been left ‘gutted’ after heartless thieves stole their bikes.

The two bikes, with a combined value of around £600, were stolen from their grandmother’s back garden while they were at school.

Kelly Shapley said that sons Lee, 15, and Taryn, 12, had left their bikes at their grandmother’s home in Windsor Road and returned after school as they usually did to collect them and found they had been taken.

She said: “They must have been in there during the day because my mum saw them in the morning.

“We went to pick the youngest one from school and they had gone.”

Kelly said that Lee’s bike, a blue Haro Forum BMX bike, was worth around £400 and Taryn’s, a black and orange Felt Heritage cruiser, around £200.

She said it was particularly upsetting for her younger son Taryn as he had previously had his scooter stolen when he had left it outside.

Kelly said: “He ended up saving up and buying himself a new scooter then but this is going to cost a lot more to replace, it’s going to take a long time to save up for it.”

She added: “They are certainly really gutted.”

Taryn is a pupil at Dorchester Middle School while older brother Lee attends the Thomas Hardye School.

Kelly said that another worrying aspect of the theft was the fact that where the bikes were in her mother’s back garden was not visible over the fence from the road so whoever had taken them had either seen them going in there or gone in looking for something. He said: “Where the bikes were between the house and the shed you couldn’t see them if you were looking from the fence.”

A spokesperson for Dorset Police confirmed that the theft of two mountain bikes from a back garden in Windsor Road had been reported.

She said the theft was believed to have taken place between around 9am and 3pm last Tuesday, June 10 and was reported the following day.

The spokesman asked any witnesses or anyone with any information about the bikes to contact Dorset Police on 101.