A huge thanks go out to all those intrepid volunteers who once again have worked their fingers to the knuckle planting away the hanging baskets and then hanging them around the park area. In total 24 hanging baskets have been sited and with the watering throughout the summer provide a real blast of colour throughout the holiday season.
I am reliably informed that those involved so far are Laurie, John , Rose , Tom and  Muriel. They chose the hottest day of the year so far to plant out and put into position the 24 baskets, which is a real work out in itself!

Of course we cannot mention the hanging baskets without considering the other green fingered couple in our area, and once again thanks go to Janna and Brian Coomber for their continual hard work planting out, cutting back, dead heading and watering. Wherever I walk I see evidence that this lovely couple came to live in our area. When I first moved back to Weymouth, there were a few trees and a lot of weeds but that was it for the Park District, butterflys were creatures from my youth and bumble bees  a stranger to our back yards, but now our streets and gardens are now home to butterflies, bees and a whole new eco culture, Well done to everyone who takes part in making this area a delightful place to live in, for both humans , birds and insects. 

All we need to do now is deal with the rats! So once again its another call out to everyone to use the Seagull Proof Bags to deter the rats with wings from shredding the black plastic bin bags and redistributing our waste for the rest of the four legged ratty community. Again, we could also be making more use of the brown kitchen waste bins in preparation for the change over in refuse collection in October. But it does seem such a shame to put so much effort and take so much enjoyment from the flowers only to have them covered with litter come collection day. So come on everyone lets all do our bit a little bit harder, you know it makes sense. 


Now if only there were a few more litter bins in the area, so all the litter from the late night take away eaters could be disposed of nicely. It seems to be that many of the late night consumers run out of eating power once they get to our streets, and with no where to put the packaging................Please W&PBC can we have our litter bins back?