A PRANKSTER has made their feelings about road signs clear by creating one of their own.

This ‘pointless road sign’ is bemusing drivers along the A354 between Dorchester and Weymouth today.

It's not the first time pranksters have created crazy signs in the area.

Last June, a mystery mischief maker made their feelings about Poundbury clear when they added the words 'Ugly Buildings' next to directions on a road sign near Monkeys Jump roundabout.

And in the same month, guerrilla knitters fashioned their own sign on the A35 pointing to Max Gate.

Earlier this year, a joker decided there was 'nothing worth mentioning' to the right of Overcombe corner, adding the sign to several existing tourist markers along Preston Beach Road.

Another sign on the A354 Weymouth Way, seemingly altered by a rather optimistic football fan, was changed to read Portland 6 Manchester United 0.

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