THE Weymouth Business Improvement District (BID) is seeking volunteers to help promote the town.

Based on the 2012 Olympic Ambassadors programme, the BID is looking for people who are both passionate and knowledgeable to help promote Weymouth and Portland.

Called Weyfarers, the volunteers will be on the street at numerous points to help promote the town to visitors, and will also offer assistance with directions and information.

Alistair Clarke, joint chairman of Weymouth BID, said: “The Weyfarers are seen as a very visible part of the BIDs plan and will create a welcoming experience for those visiting the town.

“We are hoping that people who have a keen interest in their local area will give up some time to help promote the town and provide useful information to visitors.”

Weyfarers will have to give a minimum of eight hours a week, or more over a four-week cycle, with the BID hoping to continue the programme during the year.

Successful applicants attend a certified two-day training course to equip them for the role, and will receive a distinctive uniform and a communication radio.

Volunteers will receive training from the people responsible for the Olympic Ambassadors programme and the new volunteer programme has been granted the use of the “Inspire 2012” logo.

Weymouth BID manager Nigel Reed said: “We are looking forward to the launch of the first team of Weyfarers which will be closely followed by the recruitment of a second group so the BID can build a great team of volunteers who will also help support events, festivals and cruise passengers visiting the area.”

The closing date for applications is the end of June.

For more information visit or call 01305 779410.