GO ‘Back to the Future’ when the DeLorean Owners Club rolls into Dorset.

The UK club will be meeting up this weekend and displaying their iconic cars at Bovington Tank Museum from 11.30am on Saturday and at Kingston Lacy on Sunday.

The car with the gull-wing doors was made famous in the Back To The Future film franchise.

Previously the club has been to Shropshire, Norfolk, Derby-shire and North Yorkshire and members say the cars draw crowds wherever they go.

There will be a dozen of the Lotus-engineered cars, which were built between 1981-82 in Northern Ireland on display – one has even been converted to look like the car from the film- complete with flux capacitor.

There were only 9,000 DeLoreans ever made and only around 6,500 have survived.

The club will be collecting money for charity Parkinsons UK. Actor Michael J Fox has the condition and set up the Michael J Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research in the US.

Claire Usher is treasurer of the group. She and her husband both have a DeLorean.

When she bought hers in 2002 she had never seen the film and bought it as a restoration project on eBay from San Diego.

Mrs Usher said they are more practical than people think as you can park next to people and still open the doors and the parcel shelf behind the front seats is ideal for a push chair.

As there are only two seats in each car, Mrs Usher and her husband each take one of their children with them and use the cars for family holidays as well as to pop down the shops for groceries.

But what happens when the car hits 88 miles per hour? In the film it would travel through time, but it seems in real life the answer is still a mystery.

Mrs Usher said that no one broke the speed limit but joked: “To be fair, we don’t know. They have US regulation speedometers and at the time no car could have a speedometer showing over 85 miles per hour.”