LAST year’s trial run for a Wednesday evening market in West Bay has been deemed a success.

But this year the experiment will have to be curtailed while works are carried out on the conversion of the harbour’s toilets to a water sports centre as work will take up space on Fisherman’s Green.

Town clerk Bob Gillis said: “Everyone thought it was successful last year so we are hoping to run it again but it just depends on timing of the work on converting the toilets.”

It is hoped work will start on that in early July and that might take up to 14 weeks.

Mr Gillis added: “The green will still be available to use but some of the space will be taken up so until we have made an assessment of how much green is needed, we can’t commit to be in a position to be able to run the market.

“But the town council is very keen to do so.”

He said the feeling was it was important to get on with the water sports project now funding has been agreed with West Dorset District Council.

Market spokesman Roy Gregory said: “I think the pilot went quite well and the hope is they get the space.”