A DORSET pensioner is warning people not to give away any information to random phone callers.

Stanford Tracey, 82, from Crossways said he wanted to warn people to be alert to scams after he received a strange call on Tuesday last week from someone saying they were from BT.

He explained: “They said they were from BT and they were going to stop my nuisance calls.

“The person asked me if I got nuisance calls, silent calls and other nuisance calls – and I do.”

The person on the phone said the service would cost Mr Tracey 50p a week and £90.90 a year.

Mr Tracey suggested the caller send him some details and he would call them back, but the caller said he had to pay the money and then they would send out details. The caller went on to suggest that if £90 was too expensive, how about £79.99, but again Mr Tracey said he needed to speak to his wife Brenda.

The caller suggested he should go and get his credit card, but Mr Tracey again asked the caller for their details and said he would call back. He said the caller was ‘a bit pushy’ and wanted to get his credit card number.

The number given did not match up to those for BT in the phonebook, Mr Tracey said. He has reported the incident to Dorset Police.

He wants to warn people about the calls.

“Never, ever give out your credit card details,” he said.

  • ACTION Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre – it is urging people to be aware of scams. Top tips for avoiding being scammed are: n Never provide credit or bank account details or personal details to anybody over the telephone.
  • Do not be fooled into thinking they may already have the details and are just looking to confirm them.
  • Never be intimidated into making a quick decision, for example, because the offer is available for a limited period only.