Dorset County Council has received an extra £3million to help repair potholes.

The council submitted a bid to the Government’s pothole repair fund to help cover the cost of mending the county’s storm ravaged roads.

Cllr Spencer Flower, Leader of Dorset County Council, said: “We are pleased that we’ve been allocated just over £3million from the £168 million fund.

“I was pleased with the feedback we received about our bid the team worked hard to get it right.

“This brings the total money received to just under £9 million to repair and resurface our road network.

“We will be able to extend the current resurfacing and drainage repair programme with a view to finishing by Christmas.”

The application for the fund included examples of the innovative approaches the council is using to speed up repair times and ensure that potholes are fixed properly first time using Velocity Patchers and NuPhalt thermal repair units.

A county-wide programme of works has been scheduled to use this money in a way that uses the machinery and the teams’ time can in the most efficient way possible.

The resurfacing works will be carried out on high priority roads, working on damaged routes in that vicinity. The teams will then move to another area. They will continue in this way across the county.

Permanent pothole and road defect repair will also continue on roads across Dorset.

The county has also received £184,813 from the severe weather recovery scheme for the community impact of the storms.

Further information about the county council bid application can be found at