Dorchester residents are being invited to explore Dorchester sewage treatment works next week.

The unusual event will allow visitors to see exactly what happens after they flush the toilet or pull the plug and how their waste is treated.

Sewage Week, which runs from July 2 to 8 across the Wessex Water region, is being marked at Dorchester sewage treatment works on Monday, July 7 from 4pm to 7pm.

The week was established to celebrate 40 years since the water company was formed and will take place at 22 sewage treatment works in the west.

Operators will be on hand at the sewage treatment works to provide tours which will show how waste is screened, to remove incorrectly flushed items, to the process that ensures it can be safely released back into the environment.

Ashlea Lane, Wessex Water’s head of waste treatment, said: “This is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of life at our sewage treatment works in a fun and educational way.

“But there’s a serious message behind what we are doing as we’ll be explaining the problems caused when the wrong items are flushed down the loo as well as how fats, oils and greases block sewers when poured down the sink.”

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