A TALENTED teenager from Poundbury has been tipped as a ‘future world class artist’.

At the age of just 13 Dorchester Middle School pupil Zak Trevett has been wowing people with his techniques and now his work is set to go on display for the first time.

The youngster has impressed his peers since the age of just six and has even been commended by a top Californian ska-teboard artist.

A special exhibition of Zak’s work is now going on display at his school next week, which will also display work from 155 Year Eight pupils.

Deputy headteacher Ruth Thomas said: “I have never seen any child produce work that is as outstanding as Zak’s.

“He is so determined and focused and spends hour after hour perfecting his work – it really is humbling to watch it.

“His talent was a trigger to us putting on an art exhibition which will also include work from all the other pupils in the year.”

Zak’s outstanding talent was first noticed when he was just a child and he could use artistic techniques far beyond the other children his age.

Two years ago he visited his artistic idol Jim Phillips in Santa Cruz as part of a family holiday and has been mentored by him ever since.

The famous skateboard artist respected Zak’s love for old fashioned sketching techniques and has predicted big things for the Poundbury teenager.

He said: “Zak’s talent for painting is obvious and his commitment is solid, leading this jaundiced eye to feel refreshed and with great confidence in his future career as a world class artist.”

Zak will be exhibiting a number of new pieces which each took weeks to finish, and started with a mere sketch.

He said: “I am mostly inspired by what I see during the day and then I wonder how I would draw that.

“People say I am a perfectionist because I just want to keep going and get it absolutely right.

“I love doing cartoony skate design and would love to design skateboards when I’m older.”

The exhibition will run at Dorchester Middle School from July 1 to 3 from 3.45pm to 5pm.

To attend please call 01305 265651. To view Zak’s work visit zaktrevett.com