CONCERNS have been raised that plans for a new school at Poundbury could lead to traffic chaos at the beginning and end of the school day.

Retired building surveyor Geoff Butler said he was left worried after looking at the plans for the replacement for the existing Damers School after they went on public display in the town.

He said his main concern was the lack of a drop off and pick up facility for parents.

Mr Butler said he understood there was a desire for more children to walk to school or use public transport.

However, he said Dorset County Council had to be realistic and acknowledge that – particularly on a wet day – many parents will still end up driving their children to the 600-place school.

He said: “I’m quite happy with the school in principle but my main concern is there was no provision for parents to drop off their children at the school.

“We all know everybody wants to encourage children to walk to school, and I’m all in favour of that, but we also know at every school in the country there will be times when they are being dropped off or picked up, particularly on wet and windy days.

“I think it’s ridiculous to build a new school and provide no facilities for that whatsoever.”

Mr Butler said he raised the issue with a Dorset County Council officer at the exhibition but was told that the council’s policy was not to provide such a facility. Mr Butler, who lives in Woodland Crescent, said he was unlikely to be directly affected by the issue but he was deeply concerned about the impact on Peverell Avenue East and the roads that are yet to be built around the school at either end of the school day.

He said: “This is unfair on the residents around the school.

“I accept with existing schools there’s not much you can do about it but we are talking about a new school.

“Something has to be done otherwise there is going to be a lot of aggravation for the existing residents of Poundbury, particularly Peverell Avenue East, and the new ones that are going to be going up.”