A POUNDBURY business owner has been using flower power to put a smile on people’s faces.

Jessie Copper from The Poundbury Florist has been celebrating the lead up to International Lonely Bouquet Day on Sunday, June 29 by leaving flowers in various locations in and around the county town.

For two weeks she has been posting a photo and clues as to the location of the ‘lonely bouquet’ on her Facebook page.

She will also be leaving ten bouquets on the Lonely Bouquet Day weekend.

Each bouquet carries a little note, asking the finder to give the flowers a friendly home.

It is the second year Jessie has done it and she said she was pleased to be doing it again after the idea had proved popular last time round.

Jessie hopes her efforts will make people smile and also encourage more people to get involved in the Lonely Bouquet Day.

Anyone can take part by picking flowers from their garden, putting them in a jar and leaving them for a stranger to find.

She said: “The whole purpose of it is just to make strangers smile and we encourage people to do it as well because anyone can get involved.”

Jessie said that her loyal followers on Facebook enjoy getting her daily clues and photos and trying to hunt down where the latest bouquet is secreted.

But they have to be quick because they are obviously in high demand.

Jessie said: “There has been quite a lot of people out looking for them.”

Visit thelonelybouquet.com