A BUSKER has been handed an on-the-spot fine after causing chaos in Bucky Doo Square yesterday morning.

Police officer Scott McGregor, who was near Bridport Arts Centre at the time, stepped in to intervene.

Shocked onlookers and stall traders told how they saw police tackle the man to the ground to calm him down after he had chucked a bucket of water at another performer.

PC McGregor said the busker, a cellist who did not have a permit, had been playing in the square for an hour before another guitar-playing busker with a permit asked him to stop playing. He added: “I stepped in to calm him down. He has been dealt a penalty notice.”

The busker with a permit, who did not wish to be named, said: “I politely asked the cello player to move on because I had a permit to play in Bucky Doo Square that day, and he continued playing.

“He said he wasn’t moving. I began to play my guitar and it wasn’t long before he had chucked water over me.”

One onlooker said it was lucky that the police were in the area at the time to step in.