A CHARITY paper-bank scheme will be launched across Dorset next month.

Dorset Community Foundation and Perrys Recycling have come up with the scheme with the support and agreement of supermarkets throughout the county.

It will begin from July 1.

Residents can raise money for local charities and voluntary groups by recycling their newspapers and magazines as part of the scheme.

Perrys Recycling is providing and maintaining the paper banks across the county.

The paper, which includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail and telephone books, is processed at its depots and then recycled at Aylesford Newsprint in Kent to be made into new newsprint, with £10 per tonne going to the Dorset Community Foundation.

The foundations is a local independent charity that raises funds and awards grants to a wide range of community projects and voluntary groups which benefit local people. Supporting children, youth groups, and older people, those with special needs or disabilities, sports groups, and art and drama projects, it aims to build stronger communities for the benefit of everyone in Dorset.

For more visit dorsetcommunityfoundation.org