RESIDENTS are being urged to use their voices to show the borough the wey forward.

A new web portal has been set up to share ideas, vision and ‘get the ball rolling’ on exciting projects in Weymouth and Portland.

It comes as an article in the Observer described Weymouth as a ‘graveyard of ambition’, prompting a huge backlash as well as calls to make changes. The web portal is called and was dreamed up as a way of making young people feel more engaged with the community, supporting local businesses and bringing economy to the borough.

One of the weyforward founders, Baron Miles, said: “The response to the Observer article demonstrates one of the great things about Weymouth and Portland – the pride we have in our borough.

“We know there are some things that need to be sorted out, but the community spirit is there to do so.

“I believe we can tackle the issues by bringing together education, business, community groups, the officers and politicians of the council, artists and the wider population. We can make this place a place of opportunity and prosperity.”

He added: “The aim of weyforward is building up the borough, making it a thriving hub of entertainment, a place where businesses feel supported “It’s a great community here, and a beautiful place to live.

“So this gives people a chance to put their idea out there and see what the reception is.

“You can think: ‘I have an idea for a community project or a business or an event. Let’s see what people make of it’.

“Just go onto the website and put that idea out there.”

Business leaders have told the Echo how they hope Weymouth can be made a ‘leading tourist destination’.

Improved infrastructure and a more ‘aggressive’ tourism strategy could be the keys to improving the area.

Following a backlash over an article in the Observer newspaper suggesting that Weymouth was a place ‘beset by low wages, lack of transportation, isolation and poverty of aspiration’, experts have spoken out about what could be done to improve the area.

Tourism bosses and councillors believe that despite a failure to build a proper Olympic legacy, the area still has great potential. That’s the reason for Baron said: “We want Weymouth to have the reputation of being supportive of new ideas and innovation so more people will want to come and be here.”