HEALTHCARE workers are raising awareness of the dangers children face and what parents can do to minimise risk.

Wendy Thorogood, designated nurse consultant for children with NHS Dorset CCG, said: “Unfortunately it is a fact of life that accidents can happen but there are things that parents and guardians can do to reduce the risk to children in their care.”

NHS Dorset CCG is currently Tweeting several different messages in relation to Child Safety Week.

One of the issues they are addressing is the number of parents in hospital with children who have become ill after being left in cars during hot weather.

Ms Thorogood said: “The problem is when people leave kids in the car with the windows closed while they pop into a shop, they can end up queuing for up to 15 minutes and in that time the car can heat up like a hot tin can “There are lots of messages about not leaving dogs in the car in the heat and the same goes for children.

“Babies especially can get very ill from being left in that kind of heat.”

Wendy’s top tips for keeping children safe include: be safe in the sun; when caring for children don’t drink to excess; clearly label hazardous things around your house; don’t leave children unattended near obvious hazards such as curtain pulls, water or sharp objects; and you wouldn’t leave a pet in a hot car – don’t leave your child.

Helen Duncan-Jordan, deputy designated nurse for safeguarding children with NHS Dorset CCG, added: “Everyone is responsible for keeping the children of Dorset safe.

“If you suspect a child you know is being abused, please contact your local child protection team via social services. Always report abuse.”