CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating after a new bus stop was created to make journeys safer.

Magna Housing Association had built a new wall outside its houses at Peas Hill, Shipton Gorge, for safety reasons but then found cars were parking on the new section of pavement that had been installed at the same time.

Parish councillors met with Ken Bodycombe, Magna’s community investment officer, to try to solve the problem, as they weren’t happy with cars on the pavement because there is already plenty of parking at Peas Hill.

Mr Bodycombe said: “I suggested a shelter, which I had seen used elsewhere.

“Although it wasn’t an official stop, buses do stop there and I thought a shelter could be used by local people and it would also make it difficult for cars to park on the pavement.”

Campaigners Chris and Sue Brown, who live nearby, gathered more than 120 signatures in support of the plan.

The parish council then gave its backing to the shelter, which enabled Magna to avoid any planning issues.

And another villager, Sally Parker, campaigned to have the spot put on the official bus route.

She said: “It’s a much safer stop now than where it was before, which was further up the road, where the visibility was not so good for traffic or children getting off.

“The residents are very happy with the shelter. It’s better for the kids and we see people using it all the time.”

And she paid tribute to parish councillor Stuart Thompson for being so supportive during the process.

She said: “He was instrumental in getting this through.”

Mr Bodycombe added: “This wasn’t a straightforward project but we now have very happy residents and children at Shipton Gorge who use the shelter.”

Money for the £8,457 project came from Magna’s community initiative fund. In the past 12 years, more than £1million has been donated to projects of benefit to residents and the wider community.