BROCK Horror! A Weymouth woman got quite a shock when she took out the rubbish.

Pearl Allen, 71, was taking out the bins for her mother, Dorothy Wyatt, 98, of Hillcrest Road, when she discovered a large badger taking a nap in the bottom of the bin bag.

She said: “I have never been so frightened in my life, I was shaking, I just couldn't believe it.”

Mrs Wyatt recently had her wheelie bins replaced with large waste sacks by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

She said: “The council said we shouldn't have any problems with the sacks as they are supposed to be seagull proof and animals aren't meant to get in them but we've already had a cat in one and now a badger.

“I grew up on a farm so I'm used to this sort of thing, but I've never seen Pearl so scared in her whole life, she gave me a fright!”

Mrs Allen, who helps to care for her mother, enlisted the help of a district nurse who was visiting before calling the RSPCA.

“The district nurse was ever so brave, I was too scared to go and have another look at it but she said it was looking full and content while it was having a sleep in the bin.”

The RSPCA arrived at Mrs Wyatt's house within an hour of receiving the phone call and quickly rescued the adult badger before releasing it back into nearby woodland.

RSPCA Inspector John Pollock said: “I've never seen one in a bin like this before but they do get themselves into plenty of weird and wonderful places.

“If anyone else is ever in this situation I'd advise they don't try and approach badgers as they will give you a bite.

“We are available 24 hours a day to come out and help animals who are trapped or hurt.”