COUNCILLOR Richard Denton-White has been suspended from being a member of any committee on Portland Town Council for six months.

The suspension follows an incident at a meeting in January, in which Cllr Denton-White swore at a member of the public, breaching the council’s code of conduct.

A spokesman said: “It was decided at the full council meeting that Councillor Denton-White will hereby be suspended from sitting on any committee or sub-committee, and from representing the council on any outside bodies, for six months.”

In response to the suspension, which sees him removed from his position on the Finance and Resources committee, Cllr Denton-White said: “I accept my suspension. I would now like to draw a line under this and get on with my life.”

The meeting in January was called to address the council’s proposed council tax precept.

Residents were angry about the decision to increase the island’s precept by 1000 percent for Band D properties.

Despite his suspension, he plans to continue in his role of councillor until his full term is completed next May.