A healthcare team in Dorset has been shortlisted for two national awards.

The NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group has been shortlisted for awards in two categories in the HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards.

The Drinkhead campaign that was launched in September 2013 by NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Public Health Dorset has been shortlisted in the Value in Improvement in Communication category.

The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the dangers of drinking to excess when looking after small children.

Wendy Thorogood, designated nurse consultant for children at NHS Dorset CCG said: “We are delighted that this campaign has received this level of recognition as it is something we are all passionate about and the continued exposure will help keep child safety in the forefront people’s minds. This week being Child Safety Week it really couldn’t come at a better time.

“The campaign came out of conversations between the partners involved and is a great example of local organisations working together to promote an issue that although thankfully quite rare can be devastating for those involved”.

Dr David Phillips, director of public health Dorset said: “It's great that local work such as this is being recognised nationally.

“By working in partnership we can achieve so much more value for our work and this campaign shows how people coming together to do something to benefit the community can have an impact.

“It’s opened the door for more debate around alcohol and how it affects families, and that can only be a good thing."

The work of the Care Homes Quality Assurance Team from NHS Dorset CCG has also been shortlisted in the Value and Improvement in Commissioning Support Services category of awards.

Pam O’Shea quality mprovement Manager with NHS Dorset CCG said: “This is really great news for everyone involved.”