Recently the Osmington Parish Council has received a number of complaints, during the recent spell of good weather, concerning smoke from garden waste bonfires in Osmington Village. The bonfires are causing a nuisance and preventing neighbours from enjoying their gardens, opening windows and hanging out washing etc. The Parish Council Meeting on 7th July has an Agenda Item under Legal and Law and Order Matters, to consider the Parish Council's approach to and measures that might be undertaken concerning antisocial/nuisance bonfires.

WDDC provide a garden waste collection service ( which should be used where possible.  Alternatively take the waste to your local recycling centre.

If you have considered all other methods of disposal and have decided that having a bonfire is the best way to get rid of your waste then the first thing you should do is inform your neighbours and then follow some simple guidelines.

Only burn dry waste.

Avoid burning at weekends, evenings and on bank holidays when people want to enjoy their homes and gardens.

Don't burn when the wind is variable or will blow smoke directly towards your neighbours.

Don't burn when there is little or no wind; the smoke won't disperse."