VOLUNTEERS from a mental health charity have been getting out into the Dorset countryside to aid their recovery.

People from the Richmond Fellowship have been taking part in conservation tasks with Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Some of the volunteers are recovering from complex mental health illnesses as a result of substance misuse, social isolation and homelessness.

They use their time outside with nature to socialise, learn new skills and enjoy the wildlife around them.

DWT awarded Richmond Fellowship volunteers in 2011 with the Helen Brotherton group volunteering award, in recognition of their commitment and enthusiasm towards wildlife. Sally Wright, Community Conservation Officer for The Great Heath Living Landscape Project said: “It’s a real pleasure working with the volunteers from Richmond Fellow-ship – they turn up in great spirits and get stuck in, come rain or shine.

Volunteering opportunities are available to anyone with an interest in wildlife.

For more information, visit the website at dorsetwildlife trust.org.uk.