A MUM and writer from Puddletown has made her first foray into the world of baby books.

Harriet Merry has teamed up with fellow mum and photographer Emma White to launch their own baby board book company.

The pair, who met on an NCT (National Childbirth Trust) course, were frustrated by the lack of non-fiction, well photographed baby books on the market so decided to come up with one themselves.

The result is Our Garden Flowers, which has just been published and is available in independent gift shops and online.

It contains vibrant photographs and playful rhymes about the flowers people see in their gardens such as buttercups, daisies, bluebells and foxgloves.

The book has been informed by the two mums’ own experiences with their little boys, who love playing outside.

Editor and co-author Harriet, a former Thomas Hardye School pupil who now lives in the Midlands, said: “We photograph, design and write all of our books from our homes in the Midlands and most photographs are shot in our gardens and around our neighbourhoods.

“We believe in connecting kids with nature and that our books will inspire both parent and child to get out and explore the world around them.”

The hard-working duo are now already well on their way to producing their next book, Our Vegetables, which has gone to print and will be available in the autumn.

They have also started working on a third book in the series, Our Fruit.

Our Garden Flowers has already received glowing feedback from one primary school teacher, who said: “I think this book would be great to have in our library for younger readers.

“I hope there will be more books soon teaching the next generation about what they can find in nature’s greatest playground – their back garden.”

For more information visit ferdyandbo.co.uk