LULWORTH Cove visitors have been pushing the boat out for the Jurassic Coast Trust.

A total of £482 was raised by Lulworth Rib Rides during their fundraising week last month. A donation of £1 from every adult fare was collected for the Trust.

Jenna Summer, of Lulworth Rib Rides, said: “A big thank you goes to everyone who supported this event either by spreading the word or taking part.

“The support was definitely noticed on the beach and shows how much our beautiful coastline is appreciated by tourists and local residents.”

A cheque has been presented by Lulworth Rib Rides to Jurassic Coast Trust chairman James Weld.

Mr Weld added: “This donation will go directly to the Jurassic Coast Trust to help further the understanding of the Jurassic Coast, particularly among children. This is a great fundraising example which could be used by others.”